Philippe Schmid, PhD, MBA

Electrical Engineer
Image Processing Specialist


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+41 (0)79 3665231

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+41 (0)86 079 3665231

Keywords :

information technologies, signal processing, image processing, computer vision, medical image analysis, computer-aided diagnosis, optical sensors.


Personal data :

born the 24th of May, 1969, Swiss citizen, married, 2 children.


University degrees :

MSc in electrical engineering (1996) and PhD in image processing (1999), both from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland.
MBA (2005) from the University of Lausanne (UNIL), Switzerland.


Languages :

french (native), german (native), english (fluent).


Present and past activities :

Since 01/2013

Scientific advisor for computer vision at DermoSafe.


Since 01/2012

Head of communication systems at armasuisse.



Head of quality management at armasuisse.



Program Manager for IMESS at armasuisse.


Project DECOPREME funded by INTERREG IIIa:
development of all image processing and image analysis algorithms.


Full time Technology Consultant at Altran AG (former Berata AG), Zrich, Switzerland. Past and present projects:

_       Haag-Streit AG: digital image processing for ophthalmology applications.

_       armasuisse: definition of the Swiss Modern Soldier (IMESS).


Full time consultant for Intelligent Medical Devices, LLC, Cambridge, MA, USA.

Since February 2003

Adjunct to the Swiss Dermoscopy Image Processing Unit.



Full time consultant for MediSpectra, Inc., Lexington, MA, USA.


Post-doctoral research fellow at the Video and Image Processing Laboratory (VIP)
of the University of California at Berkeley, CA, USA.


Research assistant and PhD candidate at the Signal Processing Institute (ITS)
of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne, Switzerland.

Experience and achievements :

_       Image analysis algorithms for medical applications, design of computer-aided diagnosis systems, management of research project in inter-disciplinary environments.

_       More than 10 publications on computer-aided diagnosis of skin cancer.

_       2 publications and 1 US patent on a scheme for learning dictionaries of orthogonal functions used for very low bit-rate video compression. Assigned to TruVideo, Inc.

_       1 US patent and 6 US patent applications on image processing techniques for the diagnosis of cervical cancer.

_       1 Swiss patent application for a Digital Dermoscope.


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